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The Foundation - a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization dedicated to empowering K-12 students with essential STREAM skills, paving their way towards fulfilling careers in Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, J
ared Arms was just 23 when he recognized a pressing need in underserved communities. This epiphany led to the establishment of the digital platform, Leveraging the vast reach of social media, Jared began partnerships with businesses, enhancing the platform's footprint and impact. Recognizing the broader potential of his vision, in 2014, he founded The Foundation. This venture was dedicated to offering unmatched summer and fall tech experiences for K-12 students, igniting their passion for STEM and kindling aspirations for related career pathways.

Since its inception, The Foundation has garnered significant recognition. In 2016, it was spotlighted at the SoCal Startup Grind Exhibit, backed by Google For Startups, in Los Angeles, CA. This acknowledgment placed it among St. Louis, MO's top STEM initiatives. The momentum continued, and in 2022, was featured at the renowned Bitcon 2022 at
Disney World, emphasizing its dedication to inclusivity and STEM excellence. This global event, championing Black contributors in tech, further emphasized's status as an innovative and empowering leader in the educational tech space. Foundation (Disney World - Bitcon22) Foundation (Disney World - Bitcon22) Foundation (Disney World - Bitcon22) Foundation (Disney World - Bitcon22) Foundation (SoCal Startup Grind 2016) Foundation (SoCal Startup Grind 2016) Foundation (SoCal Startup Grind 2016) Foundation (SoCal Startup Grind 2016)



Art & Design:  AI-Powered Art Creation.
Technology & Development: Android/iOS App Development, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Databases, HTML, Web Design & Development, VR/AR Integration.

Digital Literacy & Safety: Basic Computer Proficiency, Digital Literacy Fundamentals, Email and Internet Navigation, File Management, Keyboarding Techniques, Online Safety Protocols.

Communication & Soft Skills: Decision-Making Strategies, Public Speaking Mastery, PowerPoint Presentation Design, Social Skills Enhancement.

Entrepreneurship & Modern Digital Trends: Entrepreneurship Fundamentals, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), Social Media Best Practices, AI Audio Engineering. (artwork) (1).png



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