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MAY 21, 2018

Gaming for Good: Joins Forces with St. Louis City Police & Boys & Girls Club!

St. Louis, MO – Foundation, in collaboration with tech powerhouses Pixel Press and Bloxels, has curated a pioneering initiative aimed at reshaping the narrative of video gaming among the youth. By intersecting technology, community building, and law enforcement, this initiative promises transformative experiences for the members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis.

Amidst debates around video gaming's societal implications, this "Tech Triumph" workshop underscores the immense potential inherent within gaming – channeling creativity, promoting nonviolent narratives, and equipping St. Louis's youth with skills essential for the 21st century. Dr. Flint Fowler, President of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis, commented, "Our collaboration transcends traditional tech education. It's an endeavor to inspire, build bridges, and open dialogues. With the rapidly advancing tech landscape, we are sculpting a brighter, cohesive future for our youth and our city."


The workshop's highlights included innovative game-building sessions, where creativity met technology. Young participants, under the guidance of St. Louis Metropolitan Police officers, crafted games that narrated tales of heroism, adventure, and unity.'s visionary CEO, Jared Arms, emphasized, “We're looking at a tech landscape where diversity is the need of the hour. Our aim is not just to introduce young minds to game design and coding but to foster an environment of inclusivity and potential, preparing them for global leadership roles."

Lieutenant Latricia Allen of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department echoed the sentiment, "This initiative is dual-faceted. While we're kindling the tech spark in these young minds, we're also facilitating deeper, meaningful connections with the community."

With an expansive vision, is all set to launch an upcoming tech camp, providing further avenues for young enthusiasts to dive deeper into the realms of digital innovation. Foundation

It wasn't long before the fame and momentum started to build. In Feb. 2016 Jared made his first TV appearance on the Daily Mix Show, which made a household name.

About Foundation: Guided by tech maestro Jared Arms, Foundation strives for community transformation through the lens of technology. With partnerships spanning diverse sectors, the foundation is steadfast in its mission to pave the way for the next generation of tech leaders.

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