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Financial Literacy Program


Frequently Asked Questions:

What's KTFLP age limit?

For ages 13-18 only

What's KTFLP grade limit?


Where are program classes hosted?

NexCore - 2631 Gravois Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118

What currencies are accepted for registration? Coin or BSTY

What are the names of the Program Directors?

Jared Arms - Founder and CEO at

Charlotte Owens - H&R Block Franchisee 12462 ST CHARLES ROCK RD BRIDGETON, MO 63044

How long will each class be held for?

4 Hours

Will I be able to sit in on classes?


Will lunch be provided?


Will there breaks, how many?

Yes, there will be 2, 15-min breaks.

What materials are required?

Laptop/charger, which will be provided per student.

NOTE: Students are allowed to bring their own personal laptop as an alternative.

Will students own all/any creations within the program?

Yes, students will own 100% ownership of any/all works that they produce within the program,

What's the registration cost per student?

$5,000 USD 

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