About Us

Kylar.io for Kids is a program that teaches students k-12, the fundamental skills and professional experiences that create careers in STEAM.

On July 4, 2013, Jared Arms, launched the mobile startup, Kylar.io after identifying untapped problems within under served communities. Using the power of social media, Jared began networking with businesses to increase the awareness of the Kylar.io platform. July 2014, Jared launched Kylar.io for Kids, to provide the best summer tech experience to kids, instilling enthusiasm in STEAM learning and sparking their interest in related careers.

In 2016, 
Startup Grind, Powered by Google For Entrepreneurs, selected Kylar.io for the SoCal 2016 Startup Exhibit to Showcase the Kylar.io for Kids program in Los Angels, CA. Since receiving recognition from one of the largest companies in the tech industry, Kylar.io for Kids has become one of the top selected, STEAM programs for students in St. Louis, MO.

Skills We Teach

Android/iOS Development  Basic Computer Skills • Cloud Computing   Databases  Decision Making  Digital Literacy  Entrepreneurship • Email and Internet  File Management  HTML  Keyboarding  Kylar+  Online Safety  Public Speaking  Powerpoint  Studio Engineering  Social Media  Social Skills  Web Design & Development  VR/AR