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Health Care Intern


Company Location: St. Louis, MO
Application Deadline: May 2, 2019
Position: Part-time, Unpaid
Timeframe: 04/22/19 — 07/12/19



The Health Care Internship Program is a 3 month, immersive program that will expose students to the healthcare industry while also giving them the skills and experience needed to build a future career. The program also features additional opportunities for networking, career & professional development, community service, and exposure to leaders/executives. 

Interns will work under the direction of Health leadership by assisting the assigned team with various special projects. This internship opportunity is for high-potential individuals who are currently pursuing a Bachelors or Masters degree in Healthcare Administration, Health Services Administration, Public Health, or Business Administration (strong preference for MHA/MHSA, MPH, MBA). 



  • Provide customer service in the hospital, helping family members, visitors, and caregivers 

  • Understand relationships among healthcare personnel, preferably in a clinic setting 

  • Offer research skills on multiple healthcare issues, resulting in presentation or publication 


  • Prefer student with experience in the healthcare delivery system 

  • Perform well in an environment that values compassion, helpfulness, patience, and resourcefulness