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What is the Foundation?
The Foundation is a premier 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization focused on equipping K-12 students with STEM skills to foster a future in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

Who founded the Foundation?
The Foundation was founded by Jared Arms, who established the digital platform to address the needs of underserved communities.

What skills does the Foundation teach?
Our curriculum includes Android/iOS Development, Blockchain, VR/AR, Web design and development, AI Art, Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Social Skills, and more.

Why was the Foundation established?
Recognizing the potential of the platform, the Foundation was founded to provide unmatched summer and fall tech experiences for K-12 students, sparking their interest in STEM and related career pathways.

How has the Foundation gained recognition?
The Foundation was spotlighted at events like the SoCal 2016 Startup Grind Exhibit and the Blacks in Technology 2022 Conference at Disney World.

Who can participate in the Foundation's programs?
The programs are designed primarily for K-12 students, especially from underserved communities, to ignite their passion for STEM.

What partnerships has the Foundation formed?
The Foundation has formed significant partnerships with entities like Disney, H&R Block, and Aldi USA to further its mission.

How can schools collaborate with the Foundation?
Schools can collaborate for events, presentations, and classroom engagements. The Foundation is open to partnerships that align with its mission.

Does the Foundation offer any real-world engagement for students?
Yes, students get opportunities for direct interactions with esteemed entities, bridging the gap between school and the broader community.

How does the Foundation promote environmental responsibility?
Through events that involve hands-on experiences like tree planting, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship among students.

What role does technology play in the Foundation's initiatives?
Technology is central to the Foundation's mission, be it through platforms like or through the STEM skills imparted to students.

How does the Foundation promote nutritional awareness?
Through partnerships with entities like AldiUSA, the foundation educates students about the importance of healthy foods.

How can one get involved with the Foundation's initiatives?
Interested individuals or organizations can reach out directly to explore collaboration opportunities, volunteer, or offer support.

How is related to the Foundation? is a digital platform founded by Jared Arms, which laid the groundwork for the establishment of the Foundation.

What's the significance of the Foundation's presence at tech events?
Such presences, like at the Blacks in Technology Conference, underscore's commitment to inclusivity and excellence in STEM education.

Are there any opportunities for businesses to collaborate?
Absolutely! Businesses can collaborate for events, sponsorships, and various programs to further the Foundation's mission.

How is the Foundation funded?
The Foundation relies on grants, donations, and collaborations with businesses and other entities to fund its various programs.

Where can one find more detailed information about the Foundation's activities?
Detailed information, updates, and news about the Foundation's activities can be found on the official website.

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