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How to Create a Coin?

To create a Coin, you must first create a Wallet. Once your Wallet has been created, your Coins will automatically be generated and placed within your Wallet. To purchase a Coin see our Pricing Packages

How to Edit my Wallet/Coin?
To edit your Wallet/Coin click 'settings" from your dashboard. To publish changes, tap on the "save" button to finalize all editations.

How to Access my Wallet?

To access your Wallet go to the Wallet Login Page.


Are there any transfer fees?


How are my ROI funds secured?

We secure all ROI funds by storing them within our Business Bank account to ensure our investors that their profits are secure while FDIC insured. 

How to make money using my Wallet?

To make money using a Wallet is simpler than ever before. When a new Wallet is being created, that block must be created using a " Wallet ID". Each time a Wallet ID is used to generate a new Wallet, that block owner earns 50% commission of whichever package the investors has selected for his/her Wallet.

How to make money using my Coin? Coin owners earns $50 usd every time a student uses their Coin ID to complete a transaction for the Tech Camp for Kids. Coin owners earns $500 usd every time a student uses their Coin ID to complete a transaction for the Tech Camp for Adults.

How to purchase a Wallet?

To purchase a Wallet see our Pricing Packages

How to purchase a Coin?

To purchase a Coin see our Pricing Packages

Is profit guaranteed?

Yes. As a Wallet Investor, we provide mobile tools and resources to complete any/all ROI transfers. 

What are the financial risks?

There are 0 risks.

Once a transaction has been complete using an investors Coin, we automatically store his/her funds within our business bank account until a transfer is requested on his/her behalf. 

What's the ROI transfer process? 

2 Steps:

  1. To transfer earnings, visit your Wallet dashboard and tap the "Transfer Funds" button.

  2. Enter the preferred amount, then tap"Send Funds" to complete the transfer process.

PayPal Transfer: Instantly

Bank Transfer: 2-5 Business Days

What's the ROI?
To ROI depends upon which Wallet package has been purchased. To view the ROI for each Wallet package, see our Pricing Packages

When can I cash out?

90 days after your initial investment


Coin Identifications

Can I transfer an expired CoinID?

Yes. You can transfer an expired CoinID only if, it is still in the registrar's renewal grace period. Grace periods differ by registrar and CoinID Secrets. However, once the status indicates that the CoinID is in registry redemption, you can no longer transfer it.

How can I find out if the Coin ID I want is still available? provides a "CoinID Search Engine" that can instantly tell you whether or not the CoinID is available. If a CoinID is available, you will be given the option to register it. If a CoinID name is already registered, we offer the option to backorder the CoinID, giving you a chance at purchasing it when it expires.


How long will it take to register my CoinID?

Your CoinID is registered in a matter of minutes, provided the registration form is filled out correctly.

How much does it cost to create a CoinID?

$25 per CoinID.

To purchase an existing CoinID, visit our Coin Store for prices & packages.

What do we need to do to maintain our Coin ID?

As part of the registration process, you provide administrative details such as a contact name and address, and banking information. Make sure you keep this information up to date. You don't need to renew your registration periodically, as no Wallet/Coin has an expiration date. 


What are the risks of getting into a Coin ID dispute and how can we minimise them?

The main cause of CoinID disputes is the registration of similar names.


The best way to reduce the risk is to take great care over your choice of your CoinID. Although you cannot register a CoinID that someone else has already registered, we will accept CoinID's for registration that are similar to existing names.


In addition, the proliferation of different CoinID extensions makes it even easier to register similar CoinID's: the fact that you have registered the CoinID name doctors$ will not stop another business registering doctorz$, and so on. To minimise the risk of a dispute, avoid registering a CoinID name that uses a competitor's trading name or trademark. As the internet is an international medium, you should ideally check trading names and trade marks internationally, particularly if you plan to register a 'generic' or international CoinID such as mycompany$


What can we do if someone is using our trade mark to attract visitors to their Coin? You are likely to have a strong legal claim against someone who registers a Coin ID using your trademark and then uses it to sell similar products or services.


Even if they have some right to the CoinID, you could take court action against them for breaching your intellectual property rights. The position becomes less clear if the CoinID does not relate to the products covered by your trademark. You will still have a strong claim if they are deliberately passing themselves off as being related to your business.


As this is a complex and changing area of law, you should take advice.


What should we do if another business claims they have the right to one of our Coin ID's?

You need to assess the merits of their claim. You also need to think about the costs and likely outcome of any dispute resolution procedure or court case.


Faced with the threat of legal action by a large, well-funded company, smaller businesses often decide that their best course is simply to concede a disputed CoinID and to negotiate appropriate settlement terms. On the other hand, if you have invested significantly in building your internet presence, this may not be a satisfactory outcome - and you may have a strong case for defending a claim.